Carpe Librum – Book Outlet {Mini Haul}

Hello Friends!

This was my first order from Book Outlet! For anyone who doesn’t know what this is, it’s a discount book store that sells overstock/discontinued books. How can they sell them so cheap?  Because, most of the titles are marked with a small line or dot on the edge of the book by publishers who sell us them returns and excess inventory. The line/dot is meant wp-1485917972116.jpgto prevent a book store from returning them for credit again. They also have a “Scratch and Dent” section where the discounts are even deeper, but you risk getting a book that has dents, scratches, torn or missing dust jackets etc. If you’re good with this and just want to read the book, they promise structurally sound and completely readable. If they are for any reason compromised structurally, they will re-ship the book or put a refund through for the item if they no longer have it in stock. Sounds like a good deal!

I ordered five books from the “regular” stock (so not the scratch and dent). Four of them came in perfect condition and one… not so much but we’ll get into that.

I bought the new covers for my favourite series, Kushiel’s Legacy by Jacqueline Carey. These are paperback book size (as opposed to the mass market or trade sizes) and were $5.19 (Dart & Chosen) and $5.89 (Avatar), if I were to have gotten them from other book sites I would have paid between $17.83 & $20.55 online or $20.50 & $26.99 in store at Chapters/Indigo and $18.40 & $20.81 at Book Depository! As these were just because I wanted the new covers versions… I couldn’t’ justify paying nearly $60, but $17? Heck yes! All three were in perfect condition, except for the aforementioned page mark.wp-1485917965897.jpg

I bought the hard cover version of Susan Dennard’s Truth Witch in anticipation of her newly released sequel, Wind Witch. I have read Truth Witch and very much enjoyed it so when I had the chance to purchase it for $5.19 instead of $20.78 (Book Depository) or $16.51 (Chapters online) and $21.99 (Chapters in store), I jumped at it. Like this Kushiel Legacy trilogy, this book is also in perfect condition.wp-1485917977134.jpg

Claire de Lune, the debut novel from Christine Johnson was an impulse buy. I saw it in one of the recommended feeds and it was only $2.45 in the regular section (not scratch and dent). The cover looked pretty and the description was enticing enough to add it to my cart. I would have paid $12.98 (Book Depository) or $12.99 (Chapters online – not available in stores) for this mass market paperback.wp-1485917911746.jpg

Now, this is the previously mentioned damaged book. There is a whole in the back cover, tears in the front cover and many dirt marks (they may not show up in the photo). I was disappointed by this as the cover is so pretty and I expected, because it was not listed as “scratch and dent” that this book would be as perfect as the other four! Then I did a little bit of research whilst doing my review post (coming soon!). This book was published July 26, 2011, I don’t think I can be upset about a $2.45 book that has been in a warehouse for nearly six years being a little banged up. Can I? Well… yes, I can but it’s only a teeny little bit.

All in all, I don’t think the one not so great book is going to discourage me from ordering again and again (and again) because who doesn’t like getting books on the cheap?! Who else has ordered from Book Outlet and what were your experiences?

xx J