Spring has Sprung!

Hello Friends!

Happy first day of Spring! I hope it’s beautiful where you are. Currently, it’s overcast with sunny breaks and 9°c here. Yesterday, it was SO warm that we had to open all the windows in our apartment. I’m not sure but I think my hubby turned off the gas fireplace (our only source of heat) because we woke up this morning just freezing.

I went to Ikea on Friday night and bought a third bookshelf. I think I have room for one more half width one to fill the wall, but I’ll have to do some precise measuring. It will be a tight squeeze! So Saturday I spent putting the shelf together and organizing my little library. I’m not completely satisfied with the aesthetic of how the books look, but it will come. I really enjoy the look of rainbow shelves but I don’t think I have enough colour diversity. 😦 It’s very pretty though!

I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump the last week and a half. So bad in fact, I haven’t even picked up a book! *shocking I know* I don’t think it helps that I’ve been sick with the worlds weirdest cold. I still can’t hear properly out of my left ear 😦 It could also be because I need something… new. Like a new genre. I’ve been reading a lot of YA fantasy lately and the book I’ve been struggling with, Storm Siren, is yet another YA fantasy. So, I put Storm Siren away for now and started P.S. I Still Love You, today at lunch. It’s YA contemporary and the first one was so darn cute and I can already see myself reading through this very quickly.

Any suggestions on what I should read next? I was thinking Himself, The Wanderers or The Lonely Hearts Hotel. What are you currently reading? Anything amazing on your TBR?

xx J



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