My Two Cents – The Frog in the Skyscraper {Review}

Life at the pond can get pretty boring—even if you’re living in the heart of New York. So when Frijibold the Frog hears about the exclusive apartments in trendy Shark Fin Towers, he jumps at the chance to fulfill his secret lifelong dream: living in a skyscraper among those fascinating creatures called humans. But no sooner has Frijibold stepped into his luxurious apartment than he finds himself trapped in an action-packed adventure involving an ambitious property developer, crazy TV hosts, and Mrs. Boggel’s spicy fried fly pizza. Humans can be more tricky than they look….

Hello Friends!

Normally, you won’t see children’s chapter books on here but Faiz Kermani reached out to me through a community I belong to and mentioned that he writes children’s books! I thought it sounded cute, so I bought it off of Kobo (the physical copy is hard to find easily here) and gave it a read.

Frijibold is an ambitious amphibian who is looking for a little more excitement than just hanging out on a lily pad. To quote Belle, he wants “adventure in the great wide somewhere” or just across the street in the swanky new Shark Fin Towers. Friji (can we call him Friji?) learns very quickly an important life lesson; that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and that the most important part of life is being around friends and family.

The Frog in the Skyscraper is a 56 page children’s chapter book with a couple of pictures and aimed at the seven to nine age range. Faiz did use a couple of larger words and even Friji’s name would be difficult to pronounce. I think it’s a pretty good little book for young readers, either read to them by an adult or read independently (depending on reading skills). The story was adorable, and the life lesson was couched in humor but easily understood. I absolutely felt for little Friji at the end of the book and was thrilled when he made his way back to the pond. If I can get my hands on a physical copy, I am planning on gifting it to my nephew for his birthday in June!

The Frog in the Skyscraper is Faiz’s second frog book and was published last year. Check out his website for more of his books!

xx J

*This was in no way sponsored, I bought this book on my own and the author doesn’t know I am reviewing it (well he will when he gets my letter in the mail! Bonjour Faiz!*



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