Inside the Box – Nerdy Post {February}

Hello Friends!sherlock%20main%20duo

February’s Nerdy Post theme was Sherlock (the BBC version with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman) HELLOOO

Ahem… sorry *cough*

Right, the Nerdy Post Box! I know I say this every box but Alexis giiirrrl, you outdid yourself! I LOVED this box, so much so that I didn’t even do an unboxing video I just tore through it like I was starving. Let me show you why…

wp-1487904097583.jpgAlexis hit us right in the feels with the theme description mini print (left) “I was So Alone and I owe you So Much” – Dr. John Watson.  Ugh, POW right in the chest I tell ya! The right mini print is GORGEOUS, here’s the first side “I may be on the side of the Angels but don’t think for a second that I am one of them” – Sherlock Holmes.

Here is the flip side of the mini print wp-1487904102639.jpgwhich features a quote from  Moriarty (how fitting) – “In a world full of locked rooms, the man with the key is king, and honey, you should see me in a crown” zing!

Also shown is one of my favourite items in the box! This is the first time Nerdy Post has had washi tape and I hope (pray) it’s not the last. “We can’t giggle, it’s a CRIME SCENEa great quote from  a hilarious scene. I currently have the tape lining the  bottom of my computer monitor at work. And I giggle. Every. Time.wp-1487904084014.jpg


The Fat Book Mark (side one) is a sassy little quip from Sherlock, “Don’t talk out loud, you lower the IQ of the whole street.”  The Skinny Bookmark (side one) is from the devious Moriarty, “Every fairytale needs a good, old-fashioned villain”.  So true, Moriarty, so true!



The second side of the Fatty is this AWESOME skull water colour and shows fabulous Mrs. Hudson, who is NOT your housekeeper! “A nice murder, that will cheer you up!”

The skinny flip side is all Irene Adler, who is a roll model to  women everywhere 😉 “Brainy is the new sexy” – AMEN SISTA!



Another staple in the box is the sticker,  and I love it.  It’s on the back of the very laptop  I am using right now. “He’s clueing for looks” So pretty!!


Are you starting to see why I ripped into this box??wp-1487904059131.jpg


LapelYeah helped Alexis turn her Instagram hyper lapse video into this awesome lapel pin.  This is also at the office, because who isn’t “BORED” at work? Like it says on the display card, this is a Nerdy Post Exclusive! (Sorry Alicia!!)wp-1487904072845.jpg

Also included, to round out the things I brought to the office, were some post-its! Sherlock likes to text!!  “Baker Street. Come at once if convenient. SH” followed closely by a follow up “If inconvenient, come anyway. SH”. Typical.


The POSTER is the main item of the box, this is a classic Sherlock quote and really, truly epitomizes the series. “Once you’ve ruled out the impossible, whatever remains,  however improbable, must be true”. If you have yet to watch Sherlock, you really should. There is only three seasons with a handful of episodes (not nearly enough!!). Benedict and Martin are amazing as the sleuthy duo. However, now that I have seen Benedict as Sherlock, it’s hard to see anyone else in the roll and I watch Elementary starring Johnny Lee Miller (and Lucy Liu as Watson). wp-1487904078664.jpg


Last, but not least, is the iconic Nerdy Post post card!! I love that these are included, they are fully colourable so that you can do them up and send them off to your pen pal or a Sherlock lover! Alexis has put many little quotes, all hidden and tucked around the card for you to find.


I hope you liked the Nerdy Post’s February Sherlock box as much as I did. March’s theme is… DISNEY!! Woohoo! With the live action  Beauty and The Beast coming out the same month, I can only imagine there will be a B&B item in there! Go ahead, click on the box below to subscribe and get your own Nerdy Post box! Use code ANDI10 for 10% off your box! You can also go HERE to purchase some items from past boxes, perhaps some of these items will show up!



xx J


P.S. go  follow Nerdy Post on Instagram, it’s worth it just to watch Alexis write! Plus, the sneak peaks are cool too!







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