Cataloguing your Library!

Hello Friends!

I bought some new bookshelves at the beginning of last year (and still need more), nothing special just these from Ikea. When I was transferring and reorganizing all my books I thought it would be a good idea to catalogue everything I have!wp-1487825904431.jpgwp-1487825913992.png

So… what better way to do it than with an app! I looked at five or six different apps from the Google Play Store and decided on “Book Catalogue” by Evan Leybourn. It’s a free to download app and you can use Barcode Scanner (also free to download) to scan the ISBN codes and everything pops up! I liked this app for a couple of reasons. 1) the 99% of the books I tested with showed cover art wp-1487825923330.pngright away 2) You can sort your books by Author AND Series (among other ways but this is what I wanted most) 3) you can collapse everything and it makes it neat and tidy! One of the other apps I looked at (the name escapes me now) also let you catalogue music, movies and video games AND told you how much your collections were worth (good for insurance claims). However, only 1% of books showed cover art, you couldn’t collapse the sections and you couldn’t sort by series. 😦


If you sign up with LibraryThing and request a developer key, it allows you to select the cover art from different editions of your book, so if you have multiple editions you can have them all and have the correct cover art! You can also connect the app to your Good Reads account, which is great for people who do reviews on there. I really find this app handy, not only is it good for insurance purposes, should anything happen, to give the adjuster an idea of what you had (if they believe you). It’s also PERFECT for people with several hundred books (like myself) and you can’t remember if you already own a book or just thought about it (or even just saw it online and thought you bought it/did buy it and forgot and have a couple copies – this may happen more often than I care to admit).

Happy Cataloguing everyone!

xx J









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